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A dream of Sardar Patel’s ideal village

A dream of Sardar Patel’s ideal village

સરદાર પટેલને ગુજરાતના ગામડાઓની સ્થિતિ પણ સુધારવી હતી અને તેથી જ તેમણે એક આદર્શ ગામનું સ્વપ્ન જોયેલ જે તેમણે વલ્લભ વિદ્યાનગરમાં આપેલ ભાષણ દરમ્યાન ગ્રામ સુધારણાના વિચારો વ્યક્ત કરેલા.

સરદાર પટેલનાં સ્વપ્નનું આદર્શ ગામ.

Congress Situation in Gujarat

Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel has been again appointed President of the Deskroi Taluka Samiti. At the last annual general meeting of the Daskroi Taluka Samiti held in the Premabhai Hall last Sunday he earnestly pressed for the appointment of some one else, but as none showed readiness to accept the post, he was unanimously asked to continue holding it. This is significant answer to those who were perpetually hounding him for the last three months.

Mr. V. J. Patel elected as members of the Bombay Legislative Council - VITHALBHAI PATEL

The Hon. Mr. V. J. Patel has been elected by the non official members of the Bombay Legislative Council to the seat in the Imperial Legislative Council rendered vacant by the elevation of Sir Ibrahim Rahimutulla to the membership of the Executive Council of the Governor of Bombay..........for more click below link. 

Sardar Patel


The fundamental need of the country at the present time is a wide diffusion of education among the people. At the last Census, only 149, in one thousand males and 13 in one thousand females were literate in the sense of being able to write a letter to a friend read his reply, Children under 15 years of age are not included in Ibis estimate, this one circumstance militates against attempts at every kind of improvement. The late Mr.