Global Corona Outbreak - Social Distancing

During this pandemic spread around the world, lets try to be calm and be safe!!

Keeping social distancing, maintaining hygiene and taking extra caution with regards to your health is at upmost priority right now.

Social distancing is all about maintaining 1 or 2 feet distance physical and not by heart. Try to reach out to people that are your near and dear ones, try to just have a phone call to ask everything is fine or not ? Is all about giving a call and some talk which will spread positivism and healthy energy.

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A dream of Sardar Patel’s ideal village

A dream of Sardar Patel’s ideal village

સરદાર પટેલને ગુજરાતના ગામડાઓની સ્થિતિ પણ સુધારવી હતી અને તેથી જ તેમણે એક આદર્શ ગામનું સ્વપ્ન જોયેલ જે તેમણે વલ્લભ વિદ્યાનગરમાં આપેલ ભાષણ દરમ્યાન ગ્રામ સુધારણાના વિચારો વ્યક્ત કરેલા.

સરદાર પટેલનાં સ્વપ્નનું આદર્શ ગામ.

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Marriage is linked to a Lower Risk of Dementia

Research has shown that married couples tend to be more healthier than unmarried couples or single people. 

Research has found that married couples motivate each other to;

  • excercise
  • avoid unhealthy foods
  • socialize more
  • discourage smoking and drinking

More information can be found in the - Systematic review and meta analysis of observational studies on Marriage and the risk of dementia / Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry

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USA National Parks

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Cautious as Mr. Patel has been in all his utterances abroad where he went to study the functioning of various legislatures, he let himself go on the occasion of the launching of the new steamer, "Jalabala," of the Scindia Steam Navigation Company. 

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IMPORTANT - Dishwasher Safety Recalls - Consumer Warning

A Safety Recall has been issued on 4 diswasher models - Bosch, Gaggenau, Jenn-Air and Thermador - manufactured between September 2012 through January 2015.  

The USCPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission) has said that a cord in the diswasher can overheat and catch fire. Five fires have been reported so far due to overheating of an electrical cord from diswasher opeartion.  

The diswasher power cord can overheat and catch fire and the USCPSC has advised owners of the above diswasher models to immediately stop using the diswasher. 

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We are somewhat surprised to learn on very good authority that Mr. V. J. Patel is a candidate for the post of President of the Legislative Assembly. The election takes place, we think, next August when the Assembly will meet for the autumn session at Simla.

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Mahatma Gandhi having persisted in his refusal to accept the presidentship of the next session of the Indian National Congress, Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel who received the next largest number of votes from the Provincial Committees having... CLICK ON SARDAR PATEL for more....

Sardar Patel

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Congress Situation in Gujarat

Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel has been again appointed President of the Deskroi Taluka Samiti. At the last annual general meeting of the Daskroi Taluka Samiti held in the Premabhai Hall last Sunday he earnestly pressed for the appointment of some one else, but as none showed readiness to accept the post, he was unanimously asked to continue holding it. This is significant answer to those who were perpetually hounding him for the last three months.

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Arranged Indian Marriage is a Modern Myth

The Institution of Marriage in India has gone through several changes over the past several decenniums. What began as an arrangement to marry a minor child to another minor child from two separate families, developed into an arrangement to marry adult children after the British Government abolished child marriage in India. However, this notion of arranged marriage in modern times is wrongly interpreted as being an arrangement made by two families to marry off two young unmarried adults, without their consent.

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