Global Corona Outbreak - Social Distancing



During this pandemic spread around the world, lets try to be calm and be safe!!

Keeping social distancing, maintaining hygiene and taking extra caution with regards to your health is at upmost priority right now.

Social distancing is all about maintaining 1 or 2 feet distance physical and not by heart. Try to reach out to people that are your near and dear ones, try to just have a phone call to ask everything is fine or not ? Is all about giving a call and some talk which will spread positivism and healthy energy.

We should try drinking more fluids which will increase a blood flow and which will reduce stress and panic!!

Try to stay home as much as possible. Working from home is always said being more efficient but always apart from work - do not just try to sit on your coach, try to stand up exercise and also try to clean your house - which have not been touch seen years!!

It costs Money to stay Healthy but its really Expensive to be Sick!!!

Be Safe and Be Heathly!!