The Human.. The Soul..



Taking about Soul.. Soul is immortal presence of the internal soul.. the pure things that exists in yourself.. so only after death we say.. REST IN PEACE..!!! Because all his life he has done nothing for himself but for life that he shares with others and uplifting it... !!! The humans from the birth till the death goes through uncontrol changes and uncertainty that exists till your last breath. In todays fast era.. where the world is changing and moving forward like days... Humans just have to achieve things for happiness. Humans are so busy that he does not have time for his own son.. son does not have time for his own dad.. and so on. Money is one thing that each one is running behind.. because every penny you earn is less for tomorrow as the same value will not be for same value in future.. Moving for the standard of living increases with more earning and it increases cost of everything. Era.. humans are just thinking and living in the practical world.. there is no importance of relations or even your own heart.. sometimes we believe mind is correct and not heart.