Liberalism is not Progressivisim

The 2016 elections in the USA has had a great and far reaching impact on individuals with ties to the US. The left and right propaganda has torn families and friends apart. In all this the Institution of Marriage was mercilessly attacked by the left. The word progressive was used in a manner to criminalize, demonize and degrade conservatives and all cultural and traditional values that identifies them. 

Liberalism is not progressivism but is infact regression for one simple reason that the institutions that once formed the core of a civilized society are now under attack by the liberals in a very subtle way. This blog highlights how leftist regressive policies is changing the culture and the institution of marriage.

It all starts with liberal poiliticians wanting to score political points and votes by expanding welfare benefits to their anti-marriage constituents and thereby strategically suppressing and discouraging these very constituents from aspirations of self reliance, self sufficiency and self excellence, but instead obligating them to remain dependent on welfare benefits. 

Welfare benefits that encourage anti-marriage institutions are regressive and not progressive.

Destruction of the Institution of Marriage is ineluctable when people prefer to remain unmarried, bear and raise children just to be eligible for welfare benefits. The immoral and purposeful intent in all unmarried households is to abuse the welfare system where one person claims to be a single parent and seeks tax payer funded benefits such as housing assistance, food stamps, utility bill assistance, child expense assistance, medical assistance, cell phone assistance and much more, while the other single parent partner works a full time job but at the same time also benefits from all the government assistance that the unmarried household receives. The benefit of living as an unmarried couple is huge which is also seen during tax filing season where married couples are penalized with higher taxes due to combined household incomes.   

How can policies that destruct the fabric of a sacred institution that is the core of a civilized society, be progressive? How can anyone support a regressive leftist liberal political institution that discourages the sacred institution of Marriage and instead promotes an anti-marriage environment? How can anyone support a regressive leftist liberal political institution that suppresses its own constituents by discouraging and restricting their progress towards economic freedom?

The regressive leftist liberal political institution's agenda is to suppress individuals rights to economic freedom by expanding welfare to these individuals and calling it progressivisim on economic equality. The real purpose of the liberal political institution is to incarcerate the freedom of people by addicting them to anti-marriage welfare benefits and thereby obligating these welfare recepients to support liberal politicians who selfishly push for regressive agendas and policies.   

Where do you stand in all this?